Mom, Dad, Our Books, and Me

I love it when when we’re all together:

Mom, Dad, our books, and me…

I can read now.

Like the big kids!

As a young boy revels in learning to read on his own, he begins to notice that reading is all around him… and not all of it is in books.

Told with humour, Mom, Dad, Our Books, and Me is a celebration of reading in all its forms, and of the worlds it opens up to us, one story at a time.

Foreing Rights, please contact éditions Les 400 coups, Montréal, Québec, Canada.

ÉDITIONOwlkids Books (traduction)
PRIX18,95 $ CAN / 16,95 $ US

Book Reviews

New York Times

Gorgeous and sophisticated, this book doesn’t just preach about the importance of reading -it shows a world in which reading is all around, woven into the life in many interesting ways…

Maria Russo, Bookshelf : Bookworms, in « Book Review », New York Times, 08 April 2016

CanLit for Little Canadians

… Danielle Marcotte imparts an important message in an inviting story, all the better communicated with Josée Bisaillon’s collage artwork… Text and art come together strikingly in Mom, Dad, Our Books, and Me to become a book that all literacy advocates i.e., everyone, should be sharing with the very young, those who can read and those who can’t, yet.

Helen K.  Read the article.

San Francisco Book Review

Mom, Dad, Our Books, and Me celebrates the wondrous effects of reading, the way it brightens lives and lets us indulge in our imaginations, as well as the ways it can bring a family together. »

Holly Scudero, San Francisco Book Review, 09 May 2016